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Snowboard Equipment

Snowboard Equipment is on it's way to our store for an early Pre-Season Sale!  Please check back in mid-October for details on our Ski Equipment Sale.

Chalet is back in the Snowboard business! Due to the high demand from our customers, we are offering a unique assortment of snowboard gear focused on entry level and intermediate riders. Chalet was the first shop in Madison to sell snowboards back when the sport was new.

In those early days, riding a snowboard was challenging and the equipment did not perform like it does today. The market exploded and there were many new brands and new companies trying to produce snowboards quickly to meet consumer demand.

During the past 10 years, many small manufactures and retail stores fell short of meeting consumer expectations for quality, durability, and performance. Most of them have closed and the market has shifted back to Ski Factories who have more than 50 years of manufacturing experience building products that go in the snow.

Chalet has partnered with Head Snowboard Company who is the world’s oldest producer of alpine ski equipment. This Austrian Company has the technology and understanding of how to produce snowboards that don’t blow apart and boots that fit the human race. We are the exclusive distributor for Head Snowboarding in Southern Wisconsin and here’s what you can expect from Chalet:

  • We know how to work with kids and we understand the needs of parents. We specialize in serving families – especially the ones who ski and ride together.
  • We understand the learning curve involved in snowboarding and we offer products that are playful, forgiving, and fun. 
  • We offer a full range of gear for kids and juniors, men and women – all designed to make riding easier and more affordable.
  • We only sell quality products that will hold up to the terrain and energy that’s involved in snowboarding. Our entire line of snowboards have full wood cores and a 2-year warranty.
  • The best boot fitters work in ski shops and we can offer you the same great fit services for your snowboard boots including models with heat moldable liners.

At Chalet, we believe that skiers and snowboarders should ride the mountain together and live the same dream. You can carve any mountain down to size - if you’re in the right gear!


Snowboard Equipment