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Our Ski Shop is Closed for Service until November 2024.

Ski Tuning Services

We offer the full range of ski tuning and base repair services using State-of-the-Art machine technology from Montana Sport. We have experienced factory trained ski technicians who can fully restore your skis to their original base and edge finish. Bring your gear into our shop for a FREE ASSESSMENT if you're not sure what you need. Our highly trained staff can give you advice and recommendations on what type of service should be performed on your skis. We're all skiers so we know exactly how a ski should feel on the snow!

Infrared Base Waxing
We no longer drip melted wax on the bottom of downhill or cross country skis. That does not work on today's high performance base materials. Premium ski waxing requires the use of a Thermo-controlled infrared waxing system which does not make direct contact with the ski. We have the newest Montana Sport Infrared technology in our shop which allows us to apply condition specific wax. The wax liquifies slowly and is absorbed deeply into the base of the ski. This application is not only more durable but is also stays on longer and improves the gliding properties of your skis.

Ceramic Edge Sharpening
The steel edges on today's skis are impossible to sharpen properly by hand or with the use of belt sanders. Ski edges today are much harder, more durable, and require the use of a precision Ceramic Edge Grinding machine. Our Montana 3-D Finish grinder allows us to reset the base and side angles of the steel edge accurately within half-degree increments. We can also micro-polish the edge to a customer's preference based on their skiing style.

Basic Belt Grind Tune-Up
Our economy level tune-up is done with our basic belt grinder which does a good job of cleaning up the bases and sharpening the bottom side of the steel edge. It will remove dirt and imperfections from the base material and clean the rust off the edges. Our belt grind tune-ups are a great value and also include the infrared base waxing application so your skis will glide better.
Premium Stone Grind Tune-Up
If you want your skis to glide and turn the way they did when new, our Premium Stone Grind Tune-Up is the best service we can offer. Our Montana Stone Grinder allows us to perfectly flatten the bottom of the ski which is the only way to set the edge angles properly. Our factory trained technicians can adjust the speed and pressures on the auto feed system to precisely cut the structures in the ski base for optimum glide. We offer a variety of textures on the ski base for different snow conditions and customer preference. Our Stone Grind Service also includes edge angles set to your preference along with the finest infrared wax application available on the market. When you purchase a Stone Grind Tune-Up from Chalet, your skis are better than new on the bottom of the ski.