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Ski Equipment

We make it easy to choose the right gear for every level of skier because we can speak from first-hand experience. The Chalet staff logs many demo days on snow testing the skis and boots that end up on our wall. You don’t need to rely on manufactures websites or advice from people who haven’t skied the products because our demo team has done the on-snow research for the gear we carry. The result is a superior knowledge and feel for every ski – where it excels and where it doesn’t and what type of skier will enjoy it the most.

Because we are all skiers we know how to ask the right questions and we listen. This helps us to understand your skiing style, your skill level and the terrain you enjoy. At Chalet, we are uniquely qualified to recommend the perfect ski in the right shape and the proper length that matches your needs and your budget. 

We offer plenty of models with integrated binding systems which are designed to float with the flex of the ski. This helps improve the edge grip, vibration dampening and enhances the overall performance. We also carry wide body flat skis which give you more binding choices and offer more versatility in varied terrain and snow conditions. 

No ski will ever perform or reach its potential unless it is matched with a properly fit pair of ski boots. Whether you ski once a year or every weekend a ski boot that hurts or doesn’t provide a good link to your skis will never allow you to become a better skier. Which is why we carry a wide range of ski boot models to accommodate many foot shapes. By analyzing your foot for length, width and shape we can match you to the right boots and customize the fit with the latest techniques and materials. And this is why we can offer an unconditional fit guarantee on every boot we sell. 

For the ultimate in personalized fit we also offer heat-moldable boot liners, custom insoles and footbeds which provide the best foundation for support, comfort and control of your skis. 

At Chalet, we believe that skier and skis should be working as one, carving the mountain down to size – if you’re in the right gear!


Ski Equipment