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At Chalet, we offer year round specialized services that set us apart from other retail stores. Not only do we service what we sell, we also provide unique product support and in-home services to insure your complete satisfaction.

Delivery & Installation Services

Our in-house delivery team handles the set-up and delivery of our furniture carefully and professionally. We pre-assemble most furniture and inspect and clean all pieces before delivery. Our staff will place the furniture anywhere inside or outside of your home and offer suggestions on use of space.  All care and maintenance requirements will be discussed at the time of purchase and again on site with our delivery person. Our service also covers you for any problems that might arise during the manufacturer's warranty period for that furniture. We also offer furniture relocation services, if you need to move old furniture out of the way to make room for the new.

Our Ski Service Shop is Closed for this Season - Reopening in Fall 2023.

Ski Binding Installation

Man installing binding to ski

Man testing bindingA ski binding is an important link between your ski boots and your skis. It affects your safety on the hill and the overall performance of your ski equipment. At Chalet we take this matter very seriously and we follow the most current ASTM standards and the requirements of our binding manufacturers. Our shop technicians have extensive training and they are fully certified by every manufacture. We also take the time to fully function check EVERY binding that we install to make sure it’s performing correctly. We have over 45 years of experience servicing ski equipment and we’ve earned the trust of many skiers and their families.

Ski Tuning Services

Man tuning a ski

Man tuning a skiWe offer a full range of ski services, such as stone grinding, edge beveling, performance waxing, base repairs, edge repairs, binding function testing, as well as a host of other services aimed at making your "on hill" experience safer and more enjoyable. If you can't remember when your skis were tuned last , or you have a ski trip planned bring in your skis and get a free assessment. Our highly trained staff can give you advice and suggestions on what type of service should be performed on the skis. Our experienced technicians are trained and certified annually to insure your skis are tuned properly.

Ski Service Pricing

Custom Ski Boot Fitting

Man helping with boot fitting

Your boot is your most important piece of equipment. Chalet offers a wide range of boot fitting services for beginner skiers to the most advanced of skiers.  We can customize almost any ski boot to fit your foot. Our trained staff of boot fitters have years of experience to help you select the correct model and size so you receive the best possible fit.

We offer a wide range of footbed options, including custom molded insoles  and trim-to-fit insoles from Masterfit Inc. Insoles help to secure your foot in its most neutral position, enhancing performance and adding comfort. Our trained staff can make recommendations on which model may best suit your needs.

Once the foot has been stabilized within the boot we are able to check a skiers stance alignment to offer further suggestions on how to optimize the boot performance. This ensures that your own biomechanics are working correctly with your gear.

Here at Chalet we are able to stretch and grind shells to accommodate both normal and abnormal foot features. Liner modifications may also be necessary to preserve the fit of an older boot or to get that new boot to fit just right.  We offer an unconditional fit Guarantee on any new ski boot we sell and we encourage every customer to return to our store for periodic adjustments.

Ski Testing

Every year brings new changes to the ski industry; advancements in technology, construction, geometries, and flex and the only way to know how the new gear feels on snow is to actually ski the skis.  This is why we send our buyers and our employees to ski demos throughout the season to test the new models for next year. Purchasing a ski involves a degree of trust in your salesperson, and you can trust that our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about the gear we are recommending for you.